It’s Officially Spring!

small-daffodils.jpgSpringtime is here, and it’s about time! It was drizzling for the majority of the day today, which was good. That and it’s finally starting to warm up; it was over 40 degrees all day! Our snow is melting slowly but surely, so I won’t be living in a frozen tundra for much longer! Even my patio is completely cleared off! I think that living in what feels like 9 months of frozen hell really makes me appreciate Spring and Summer that much more. I just can’t explain the feeling of knowing that I won’t have to worry about 40 degree below zero wind chills or plugging in my car overnight just so it will start in the morning.

My plant babies still haven’t sprouted yet, even though I had a dream last night that they were all huge- oh well. I’m sure I will be seeing some green in those peat pots soon enough. I also have some Calla Lily bulbs that I have been watering for a few weeks since taking them out of our cold porch. I still haven’t seen any signs of sprouting from them either, which worries me a bit. I am hoping that it didn’t get too cold for them over the winter.

Anyways, I will be watching for signs of growth from my seeds, and will post pics when they start coming up! I am thinking that I want to find some cool exotic looking plants from the nursery this summer too; does anyone have any suggestions on what kind to get? Let me know! Cheers!

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