Is Summer Here Yet?

Sometimes when you live in Northern Minnesota it feels as if summer will never get here. It has been quite cool (about 50 degrees) and very windy all week. I have only gotten to take my plants out on the patio a few times, and they are starting to get too big to keep indoors! Our official last date of frost for Zone 4 is somewhere between May 1 and May 31, so I just keep telling myself that it will only be another week or so. This week flew by, and I’m hoping to get out into “the garden” (aka, my patio) sometime soon!

Most of the greenhouses and garden centers have opened during the past few weeks, and I have been very tempted to spend what little money I have on any plant that looks pretty. I have been good though, I only broke down once. Okay, maybe twice. I found a really pretty pink Gerbera Daisy (the hopes I had for my seeds are dwindling fast, nothing has come up yet) when I was at the grocery store after work the other day, and just had to buy it. The other plant I bought was an Everbearing Strawberry plant. I decided that it was a good investment, and could possibly save me money on buying strawberries through the summer. I may have purchased these plants on a whim, but together they cost me under $6, which isn’t so bad.

Sorry for the short update, I plan on being back in action next week sometime with some cool tips and ideas for everyone!  Thanks for reading, and happy gardening!  (I hope your weather is better than mine is!)

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