A Wannabe Herb Garden

Here are some pictures of my wannabe herb (basil)  garden. I planted Chives, Basil, Cilantro, Lettuce, and I also have a Cherry Tomato plant (totally not an herb, but I still feel as if it goes with the theme). I’ve decided that later I will have a post dedicated to all of my edible plants, then I can also include my yummy little Everbearing Strawberry plant!



Surprisingly, my Basil looks great! I will be ready to make some great Pesto sauce in no time! This is only one of two containers of Basil that I have; the other one looks yummy too!





On the other hand, my Chives look…well, less than savory.

I am thinking that I should try moving them to a bigger pot.  And the Cilantro was not even worthy of a photo. The lettuce was planted recently, and I will post pictures of that when I post my ‘food’ entry.

6 thoughts on “A Wannabe Herb Garden

  1. Your herbs look like they are just babies! They like a lot of sun! I grew herbs last year and did not use too much of them. During winter though I really missed them and now I am using them up! I love pesto, bruschetta, herbed ice teas, cucumber salad with lemon vinegarette and basil! YUM!!!

    When your herbs are ready you will be in heaven!

    Good Luck,
    Louis J.

  2. Thanks Louis! Yes, they were all just babies then. They are quite a bit bigger now, the basil especially! I am hoping that I will have enough by the end of the season for a big batch of pesto! I will be posting on all of my herbs and veggies in a few weeks for an update!

  3. I am making a herb garden too- well, a herb patch! It can be really difficult to grow the things and I give you good luck to grow all your chives etc so that they will be great!

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