Green Thumb Sunday!

Hello everyone, I’m back. Since I’ve last written, I’ve moved (twice), broken my cell phone, and been without the internet for the past week or so. It’s been a rough month! And even though I haven’t had much time for picture taking, I’ve posted a few of my ‘artsy’ photos of my flowers.


This was a yellow rose that I had gotten during early spring when I was waiting for the weather to warm up! I took the pictures of them in my kitchen, and later converted them to black and white. I just think they look so classy like that.



This picture is my glass watering bulb. I liked this picture because of the colors; they just make me think of summer. That and the colors in the bulb almost look like water.


And here is one of the first blooms on my Gerbera Daisy plant from this summer. After the first round of blooms, the plant went almost a month with no blooms whatsoever. Then all of a sudden, about 8 flowers bloomed all at once! It was an amazing way to end the summer blooming season.


Well, thanks to all of those who are reading; I really appreciate it! Happy Gardening!




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