Busy Bugs and Big Roses


The bees have been out and about lately. This little guy was very nice about having his picture taken.



I also found this grasshopper chilling out on this nice rose.



I absolutely love these roses, they are gorgeous.



And some lovely white roses.



This bee was very busy. I chased him around for a few minutes before I got a decent shot of him.



All of these roses were huge! I tried to get a good shot next to my hand to show you; this is the best one I could get with my 50mm lens.





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7 thoughts on “Busy Bugs and Big Roses

  1. Thank you everyone:) Chigiy, I wish I had grown these on my patio. These pictures are from our local rose garden. Someday my roses will be this big!

  2. Hi Jocely what kind of rose is that next to your hand im looking for huge roses can you name some thankyou p.s. i live in az phoenix thankyou

  3. Great job on the roses, they really are beautiful. I am looking for a rose that smells really good. I want to plant it near my back door. You have any suggestions for which roses would smell the best?

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