My Hardy Annuals – GTS Pics



Here’s a picture of the Vincas I was talking about in my previous post. Like I said, they were by far the most hardy plant I had all summer. They are still in their containers right now blooming away, even after being scorched in a hot car, and frozen outside in the Minnesota cold.



Oh, Alyssum. How do I love thee? These tiny little flowers never fail to give me a great showing every summer. I started them from seed, and although they looked very fragile they toughened up a lot once they were put outside. I must say, I was really impressed with myself as they were one of the few seedlings that I didn’t kill.




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7 thoughts on “My Hardy Annuals – GTS Pics

  1. That’s a really nice shot of the alyssum. It looks so fresh.
    My alyssum is looking a bit bedraggled this late in the season.

  2. The alyssum are just lovely delicate flowers. I will have to look out for them. Thanks. i have vinca but mine is purple and these are lovely too.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  3. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! Chigiy, unfortunately my Alyssum is long gone by now. I wish that I lived in a warmer area, but here the flower season is almost over. My parents have already had a few snowflakes falling…ugh. I’m really hoping it warms up for another month or so before winter actually hits us!

  4. Oh, your alyssum photo is just darling. I’ve heard people say they can smell the alyssum fragrance, but I just can’t pick it up. And it grows like weeds here!

  5. My vote is for the vinca. It is the one of the only flowers that keeps nice in the Florida heat. It also propagates from cuttings beautifully. I filled a boarder of them in the front yard from two 4 inch pots.

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