Weekend Warrior Edition – New Camera!

I’ve been a busy bee this month, and while I haven’t been posting much recently I have many projects in the works. So don’t fret! I have a LOT of good posts coming your way soon!

In recent news, the most exciting thing I have to reveal is my new camera! I recently purchased a Canon 5D Mark II, and I’m having a ton of fun taking a crazy amount of photos. My weekend is already packed full of photo-shoot activities!

Here are a few, just for fun:

This one’s on Etsy
Colorful Sewing Thread


Vintage Fishing Rods

Moonrise over Lake Superior

Mason Jars all lined up

I’ve been snapping so many photos, that I’m falling behind with PhotoShopping them. They’re all in RAW format, so I at least have to convert them. I’ve just been plugging away at it during the evenings, and hopefully you’ll start seeing more of my new images being listed in my Etsy Shop!

In other news, I’m kind of a big deal. 😉

I was on the news! I was a little nervous, but after watching it I’m happy that I came across as less awkward than I thought I would. As you can see, my community garden plot is a raised bed on top of a building, which is awesome for me since it’s within walking distance of my job. Here’s the video:

Since our last average frost date here is May 31st, I have yet to actually plant anything in my garden. When I do, I promise you’ll all be the first to know! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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