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  1. New Website Info

    November 20, 2011 by Jocelyn

    As many of you have noticed, I’m currently working on updating The Garden Corner.  So far I’ve updated to a newer version of mySQL, PHP, WordPress, and updated to a newer theme.  I’m working on it outside of my normal job, so it may be a little slow going.  So please bear with me.  I’ll be posting updates as I go.  Thanks!

  2. Update

    December 16, 2008 by Jocelyn

    I’m sure many of you have noticed the changes to the site in the past few days.  I’ve decided to get this blog up and running again, after my long absence!

    I’ve had to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress, which was a bit of a challenge since I’m not super knowledgeable when it comes to managing databases and stuff.

    I’m hoping to get the rest of the theme worked out pretty soon, so I may be rearranging things in the days to come.

    Thanks to everyone for your continued readership and patience, it’s very appreciated!  :)

  3. I’m still alive

    August 2, 2007 by Jocelyn

    Hello everyone, if you’re still reading this!  I just want to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about garden blogging, and I’m still here!  My life seems to be spinning like crazy in the past week or two.  I got a call from Target to interview for an Executive Team Leader position, which would be amazing.  The interview process is very extensive, and I’ve made it through 3 interviews, and an online assessment.  Right now I’m awaiting their final decision, which should be coming by tomorrow.  I’ve sent all of my thank you letters; I’ve done everything right, and now it’s just time to wait (which I HATE doing!)

    And on top of that, I got into a car accident on my way to work on Tuesday morning.  It was not my fault, the other person got the ticket because she pulled out in front of me.  On the plus side my junker car is most likely totaled,  and for now I get a nice rental car from Enterprise.  It has been a huge hassle, and taken a lot of my time dealing with insurance companies and auto body shops; but I’m trying to stay positive about everything.

    Because of the car accident, I need the job at Target more than ever because there is no way I can finance a new car without a good paying job.  If you’re reading this, please send some positive vibes my way!

    I will be up and posting again very soon, once all of this crazy stuff passes over.  Thank you all and happy gardening!

  4. Happy 4th of July!

    July 4, 2007 by Jocelyn

    Well, it was an AMAZING day today.  The weather was hot with a little breeze- just perfect!  I visited the Rose Gardens and took some really nice pictures that I will post for all of you tomorrow.  Maybe I will sneak in a picture of the fireworks too!  I also sat on the beach and read my book for a good portion of the day, which was something I haven’t done in a very long time.  I am a little sunburned and very tired so I am going to bed, but watch for my pictures to be up tomorrow evening!  I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th filled with sun and fun!  Happy 4th and happy gardening!

  5. New Theme

    April 15, 2007 by Jocelyn

    Hello everyone! This is just a quick update to introduce the new blog layout to all of you. I really like this one because it is very simple looking, but very easy to navigate. I also prefer having 3 columns instead of 2. I am still making some changes to this new design, and will be trying to spice it up in the next few days or so. I hope all of you enjoy it, and please let me know if there is anything on my site that you would like to see! I appreciate your input!

    There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”
    -Janet Kilburn Phillips