Summer Plans?

I have been patiently waiting for some of my planted seeds to start sprouting, and they just can’t grow fast enough for me. Until then I figured it would be a good idea to go over gardening preparation, since that is the stage that most of us are at right now. The best thing to do when you start thinking about your summer garden is to make or draw out a plan. Do you only want flowers, or would you like some vegetables too? Where are you going to put everything, and when/how long does it bloom for? These are all things to consider.

In my case, I have a small patio that gets partial to full shade. I am located in zone 4, and will be planting mostly annuals. (Need to find out what zone you’re in? Check out this map.) It is definitely a possibility that I will be moving soon, so I am only planting in containers. Here is my list of plants that I am going to put on the patio:


I am starting some pink ones from seed, they are going to be sprouting soon!

Wax Begonias

I have never had these before, but they are always at my local nursery. I think that I’m going to try to find some orange ones for a little extra color.


I am starting these from seed as well. They are sturdy little plants, and are a great choice for any garden.


I am going to buy this at a nursery as well. I believe they can get pretty bushy, so I will have to make sure to get a big enough container.

So, that is my plan for now. I have a bunch of other packets of seeds that I randomly picked up while shopping; I plan on starting those within the next few weeks. I am still making my plan for how many containers I am going to get and how big they will be, etc.

So, now that you all know part of my plan, I want to hear yours! Is there something that you do every summer that you just love? Are you trying out a new design? Let me know! I’d love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this- especially those of you that have large areas to work with!

I will keep everyone posted on my seedlings’ progress! Until then, happy gardening!

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