Book Review- Easy Answers for Great Gardens

Instead of just putting a “Good Books” section in my sidebar, I figured it would be more beneficial to all of you if I actually explained to you why I recommend these books. So I decided that I’d give you guys a short review on books that have been helpful to me in my gardening expeditions. Here it goes.

Easy Answers for Great Gardens is written by Marianne Binetti, and is a great book for anyone who loves their garden, but doesn’t want to stress over it all the time. Her gardening style seems quite laid back, which is something I really appreciate. I just want to know how to make my garden look great without fussing over it for a long time, and this book is good for that.

fc9781570612138.JPGEasy Answers is about 200 pages long, but is a very easy read. It covers most everything about gardening- some of which are soils and compost, gardening in pots, roses, and pests. The book is laid out in a neat Q&A format along with gardening tips in the sidebars, and also some pages on neat garden projects to try.

My favorite section was of course Chapter Three, “Growing in Pots” since that is pretty much all I can do at this point. The chapter gave me some great tips that I never would have even thought of without this book. It helped me with what type of pots to buy that would last the longest, the ideal soil mixture for my pots, and I also found out that a lot of plants will grow easily in containers that I didn’t think would. There is also a cool project idea for stacking pots inside each other to great a cool leveled look, which I am definitely going to try.

I am going to be completely honest in this review, and I must say that the one thing that I didn’t like about it was that it looks a bit out of date. I am one of those people who loves photos in books, and this book has no photos, let alone color photos. It has illustrations, but that’s about it.

If you don’t mind the lack of images, then I really don’t think there is anything that you could dislike about this book. It is definitely one that I am going to be keeping around for a while, and I’m sure I will be referring to it often as I continue with my gardening adventures!

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