My First Lesson Learned

I gave in and went to a greenhouse today to buy a bunch of annuals. I got a really good deal, and splurged when they told me they had a special going on where I could fill up my flat for $16. I figured that my splurging was justified because two weekends ago Mother Nature decided it would be funny to freeze all my plants to death. In total I got 48 plants; here’s the list:

  • Cherry Tomato Plants x4
  • Hawaii Shell Pink Ageratum x4
  • Bells Frosty Lavender Snapdragons x4
  • Bells Red Snapdragons x4
  • Riviera Marine Blue Lobelia x4
  • Jewelbox Mix Celosia x4
  • Ambassador Rose Wax Begonias x8
  • Polka Dot Plants x4
  • Super Elfin Blush Impatiens x4
  • Super Elfin Blue Pearl Impatiens x4
  • Red Sizzler Mix Salvia x4

Anyways, after my purchase today I realized that I have now learned my first major lesson in Minnesota gardening.

LESSON #1 – In Minnesota, DON’T assume that the weather will stay nice enough to leave your plants outside!

It was 80 degrees outside when I left for home that Friday, so I thought that my plants would be alright for the weekend. It was that fateful Sunday, two days later, that it snowed and my poor plant babies died. (Here is a picture of one of the lucky survivors.) It was that traumatic moment that drove me to spend beyond my budget today, so please heed my advice and wait a few more weeks before keeping those plants outside!

2 thoughts on “My First Lesson Learned

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize it was getting that cold in Colorado too! It’s very frustrating, and hopefully the weather will warm up for both of us very soon!

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