Life is Good.

I am tired, smelly, and bug bitten- and I couldn’t be happier! Even though this weekend was a complete washout, my mom and I still managed to seek refuge under the deck to get all of our planting done. We completely underestimated the number of plants that we had, so each of us ended up with about 5 more containers than we originally planned on (which is fine with me).  We went to the greenhouse on Saturday and Sunday, just because we didn’t get enough dirt to plant everything in.  I have a lot of beautiful containers on my patio now, and it looks wonderful!

I also took a lot of pictures this weekend that I will post later, and I have a new plant of the week coming up for you guys in the next few days!  Keep in touch, I’ll be posting again soon!

One thought on “Life is Good.

  1. at Minnehaha Falls park, near the parkinglot/SeaSalt, I saw a perennial about 3 1/2 feet to 4 feet tall, with light green balls with prickly outside. I was wondering what this is, it appears to be a perennial?

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