I Love Exotic Plants!

Here are some pictures that I took last weekend when I was down in the cities at the Como Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Apparently I was either a little too distracted in my excitement, or just a little loopy from the heat, but I forgot to look at all the little signs to actually find out what kind of plants these were. I know some of them are orchids, and I know the fourth one is a Lotus flower, but that’s about it.




This was coming from the top of a large tree, and I had to stand on a bench to get this shot. Very cool flower.



A Lotus flower! I’ve always wanted to see one of these, I love them!





There they are, folks!  Please let me know if you have any info about these plants, or if you have a guess as to what they might be!  Thanks, and happy gardening!



3 thoughts on “I Love Exotic Plants!

  1. I think the third one down is a banana flower. The leaves behind it are banana and it looks a lot like the flower on my banana last year. The last picture is a yellow shrimp plant, a common bedding plant in Florida. The others, excluding the lotus, are orchids, but I don’t know enough about those to tell you which ones. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks for the ID’s Wicked! All of the plants were so beautiful and interesting! We rarely see unique flowers like this in the gardens here in Minnesota! I especially liked the little yellow shrimp plant!

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