Green Thumb Sunday!

I will be posting a new Plant of the Week either today or tomorrow, so keep watching for it! For now, here are some of my recent pictures!



So close to blooming!



The Forget-me-Nots are coming up!





Visit As the Garden Grows for more information about Green Thumb Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday!

  1. You have forget-me-nots…I am envious. I just love the color of yours. The only forget-me-not that I have is a fake one that I bought to remember Veterans. I wonder how much real forget-me-nots cost.

  2. Thanks for the great comments everyone! Ruth is correct, that first shot is a Peony bud. Jennifer, I haven’t posted pics for comments yet, mainly because I don’t know many people in the area who have gardens (but that is a very good idea!)

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