Thanks Mom and Dad!


My wonderful parents gave me one of my birthday gifts this past weekend. Even though my birthday isn’t until the 20th, my mom decided that she should give me one of my gifts early. I’m sure she decided this because of my constant worrying that my plants were going to wilt in the heat because I wasn’t home to water them.


Luckily, my plants seemed to fair pretty well in the heat over the weekend, and I stuck my watering bulbs in right after I got home. They seem to be working well so far, but I think they just look lovely. I put three of them in large outdoor containers which you can see in my pictures, and the fourth one is in my big indoor ivy plant that I always forget to water.


The one thing that you have to make sure to do when sticking these in your pots is to make a hole before you stick them in the dirt with something other than the glass bulb! I managed to find the perfect sized stick lying off the patio which worked just fine and dandy. If you want to get some of these for your patio or just want to check on prices, I would suggest looking on either QVC or eBay. Those are really the only two places that I could find them readily available on the web.



These glass bulbs add a really nice touch to my containers; thank you mom and dad!! 😀

5 thoughts on “Thanks Mom and Dad!

  1. I love the watering bulbs and I’ll be checking out the sites you said might have them.

    I’ve got a mystery weed (with bee) posted for Green Thumb Sunday. Perhaps you can identify it.

  2. Thanks everyone! I know, I just love these bulbs, and I was surprised at how difficult it was to find them online! Good luck to all of you!

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