Let the Countdown Begin!

It’s official, there’s only 112 days left until May 21st! What’s the big deal about May 21st? Oh, nothing much, except that it’s the estimated date of the last spring frost in my gardening zone! The weather outside has been more than frightful, with wind chill temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees below zero. I pretty much feel like I’m living in the Arctic Circle right now. But on the bright side, it’s supposed to be a balmy 25 degrees this weekend, and I’m hoping for an early spring.

I’m very excited because we’ve signed a lease to rent a big house starting on June 1st, and the landlord is going to let me do all the gardening I want! He also said he will pay for any perennials or supplies that I want to buy. I’m going to be drawing up a garden plan within the next few months. I’m going to keep it simple since I’m sure he doesn’t want to be spending hundreds of dollars on my springtime projects.

As for right now, I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself. I’ve made a list of plants, including fruits and veggies that I want to grow, along with different color combinations to try out. I’m still planning on doing a few containers of annuals, and I’m also thinking of renting a plot at the community garden for my fruits and veggies.

I checked out the Minnesota Gardener’s Guide: Revised Edition book from the library to help me with my plan. Once I’ve gone through the book, I will have a better idea of what I’m going to do. I’ll keep everyone posted about my ideas!

Thanks, and happy gardening!

3 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin!

  1. I have a whole new challenge coming up – how to maintain a garden with the dryness of Arizona and the cold of Minnesota withiut the rain or snow – Madrid, Spain.

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