Photos From the Vegetable Garden

The strawberry plant was already in my garden plot from last year. Lucky me! The second photo is a picture of my cabbage, cucumber, and beans. And lastly are my tiny tomato and pepper plants.


As you can see, vegetable gardening is slow going in Norther Minnesota. I’ll post more pictures within a few weeks and hopefully the plants will all be much bigger!
Strawberry Plant

Cabbage and Beans

Tomatoes and Peppers

4 thoughts on “Photos From the Vegetable Garden

  1. The weather has slowed things down for my container garden in Chicago, too. Hopefully, both our tomato plants will grow rapidly now that the heat seems to be on. Happy blogging.

  2. hi,,,,,,,, u know i love planting and gardening but i have no much space and just only ordinary vegetables to plant because also the weather here in philippines but not like the other place here…

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