A Little Thursday Garden Link Love

I’m sitting here after a long day at work; I’ve got a glass of wine, Florence and the Machine on my playlist, and am browsing through my Garden Blogs folder in my Reader.  Life is good.  Although, considering it snowed here today, that may be the wine talking.  Oh well.  Either way, I’ve got some great link love for y’all.

For all my fellow garden-loving folks,  check this out:


Willi over at DigginFood just posted some pics of the demo gardens for Sunset magazine.  This garden is looking pretty amazing, if you ask me.  They’ve got a these awesome orange trellises for peas and other climbers that I love.  The color is just perfect.

I also found a new blog to follow, and her images are just so pretty!  Tricia’s blog, A Rosy Note, has some pretty lovely posts.  You see, Ranunculus are some of my favorite flowers, and looking at her most recent post, you can see how I was hooked! That, and her post about her grandpa brought tears to my eyes; she has a wonderful way of expressing herself in words that I can never seem to manage, and her post just struck a chord with me. Thank you, Tricia.

A Rosy Note
So pretty!

And lastly, I found a great site called Sprout Robot. Just put in your zip code, and it gives you a calendar for when to plant all of your seeds! Cool, right? I know.


And one last bonus link love image for you all! This one made me giggle:

Hey Girl

Happy Thursday everyone, and have a great Friday!

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