Blizzards, Begonias, and Winter Blues

Blizzards and Winter Blues

After months of (very rare) warm and rainy weather here in northern Minnesota, winter caught up with us in only 5 days! We’ve had two huge snow storms, which have left me stuck indoors and feeling pretty darn restless!

Now my seeds have all been delivered, but my dreams of an early spring have been dumped on by 3 feet of snow. My cabin fever was so bad this morning, that I decided to layer myself up and trudge around the neighborhood in thigh-high snow to take some photos for my wonderful blog readers!

Snow Covered Trail

Empty Nest
Snowy Limbs

Spring fever aside, it really was quite pretty. I’ve had my fun in it, so it can melt anytime now!

I had the Winter Blues so badly yesterday during our blizzard, that I must say thank you to Fran Sorin at Gardening Gone Wild for her perfectly timed post How To Have Faith That Spring’s Coming While Trudging In A Foot Of Snow: 7 Tips. I took her advice, and busted out my Organic Gardening magazines while listening to George Michael sing Faith. Looking through the gardening photos got me inspired, and I started figuring out my planting timeline for this year!


So I perked up a bit, and started tending to all of my houseplants. After all, I’m not the only one stuck inside right now. Some of my plants look a little peaked right now, which is fairly normal, but one of my plants is looking better than ever right now. I’m not even sure what species it is; I only know that it’s a Begonia of some sort. It’s been blooming like mad for the past week or two, so I took a few pics of it.

Flowering Begonia
Pretty Flowering Houseplant

Isn’t it pretty? I’m surprised it’s blooming already, since I got it as a cutting only a year and a half ago! I’m guessing that since I have it sitting next to the window, the drop in temperature at night is what triggered the blooming. I’ve heard that it can help certain plants like Jades, so I’m assuming it’s the same for this plant.

It looks like our temperatures will edge into the 40s this coming week, so I’ve decided to be optimistic. If things stay dreary, I can always listen to George Michael again! Unless you guys have better tips for me, that is. Let me know what you do to combat the winter blues!

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