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  1. Meanwhile, in my Dream Garden…

    March 20, 2012 by Jocelyn

    I’ve been so incredibly busy lately, it’s ridiculous. I get home and just zone out once I’m done with my workout and other immediate chores. So here I sit at my computer, urging myself to get motivated to do some of my online work, but find myself getting sucked into Pinterest and Khan Academy’s new Exercise Dashboard. At least I’m using my brain at one of the sites, right?

    Anyways, I’ve got quite a large dream garden pinboard going right now, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. These are all amazing garden spaces that I aspire to have some day. I’ve done a bit of extra leg work, so I can hopefully link directly to the source of the photos as well. The first is an absolutely amazing greenhouse that was posted by a Swedish blogger over at Isas Tradgard. Oh how I would love to have this greenhouse. *sigh*

    Beautiful Greenhouse

    And next, grapes. I really really want to grow my own grapes. Jams, wines, I would do all kinds of things with grapes! Don’t they look yummy?

    Grapes in Vineyard
    by Habub3 on Flickr

    Don’t worry, of course I won’t forget the flowers! Someday I hope to live in a house with gardens that are so full that they seem almost chaotic. I want flowers to be bursting from the seams of my yard; tumbling over fences and onto the sidewalk!

    Like so:

    Photo from HGTV.

    “Life's blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm”  ~ Norman Vincent Peale
    by Abby Lanes on Flickr

    So much beauty can be found in gardens, I wonder how anyone can enjoy living without one! Mark my words, someday I will have a garden almost as lovely as these ones!

  2. I’ve Transplanted Myself to Portland, Oregon!

    October 3, 2009 by Jocelyn

    I’ve moved from chilly zone 3b to temperate zone 8!  That’s right.  EIGHT.  I’m so giddy I don’t know what to do with myself!  According to this neat little table that I found, I’ve nearly doubled the length of my growing season!

    Unfortunately I had to abandon my community garden plot in Minnesota around the end of our growing season.  I got some of the harvest in time, but the rest was left to my roommate.  Here are a few pics from my garden a few weeks before I left:

    I planted sunflowers from seed 🙂


    And had quite a few tomatoes!
    Tomato Plant

    This was also the first year ever that I’ve successfully grown cucumbers!

    Although I miss my Minnesota garden terribly, I’m very excited to start a new garden here in Oregon.  I’m really happy that I’ll have much more time to spend on something that I love so much.

    So far, I’ve only got the plants on my patio.  I’ve purchased one new plant since being here, which is a fun new succulent.  It’s the best looking one in this pic, the others are still looking a bit haggard from the 30 hour drive.

    Newest Succulent!

    I also have a nice new camera, so I will be posting more photos of the area soon.  I’ll even be able to go outside in January to take pictures, because it won’t be -30 degrees outside!  🙂

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  3. Photos From the Vegetable Garden

    June 17, 2009 by Jocelyn

    The strawberry plant was already in my garden plot from last year. Lucky me! The second photo is a picture of my cabbage, cucumber, and beans. And lastly are my tiny tomato and pepper plants.


    As you can see, vegetable gardening is slow going in Norther Minnesota. I’ll post more pictures within a few weeks and hopefully the plants will all be much bigger!
    Strawberry Plant

    Cabbage and Beans

    Tomatoes and Peppers

  4. My First Landscaping Design

    June 3, 2009 by Jocelyn

    I just got done moving into a new house, and wanted to show you what I had done to the gardens in my last house. The landlord was fine with paying for all of my gardening supplies, which is understandable since I was increasing the curb appeal of his home.


    Here is a before (more like middle) photo of the back yard garden. There actually wasn’t even a garden there at all when we moved in. I had our landlord come over and cut the branches of that pine tree up to about 4 feet so I could put in a nice shade garden.  I framed it and added a bunch of dirt and perennials.  I used hostas and a bleeding heart, both of which are shade lovers.


    And here is the after photo of the backyard garden.  Every plant came back this spring, even though I neglected to cover them last fall.  I pulled all the weeds out, added weed liner, and some brown organic mulch.  Viola!  I think they look pretty nice!  It’s just too bad that I won’t be able to live there when they are at their peak.  I guess I’ll just have to be a creeper and drive by to look at them.

    It’s so nice that even the simplest outdoor landscaping projects like these can make such a big difference in the look and feel of your yard.  Putting these gardens in was surprisingly easy, but I think that they really added a lot to the house.

    Now that it’s finally warming up here, I’m on to finishing my containers and my vegetable garden!  I’ll keep everyone updated!

  5. The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World.

    January 29, 2009 by Jocelyn

    I recently joined Flickr, and I’ve wasted so much time just browsing through peoples’ albums.  I am absolutely amazed at how many incredibly talented photographers are out there!

    Having been inspired by these people and their lovely photos, I’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful flowers in the world…acccording to me.











    Pink Lady Slipper


    Flowers of the Cannonball Tree








    Photo credit: sphilp1225



    Calla Lilies




    I could really go on and on with this list.  I also have an affinity for tulips, irises, and orchids, but I guess I have to stop somewhere.

    What are your favorites?