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September, 2007

  1. My Hardy Annuals – GTS Pics

    September 30, 2007 by Jocelyn



    Here’s a picture of the Vincas I was talking about in my previous post. Like I said, they were by far the most hardy plant I had all summer. They are still in their containers right now blooming away, even after being scorched in a hot car, and frozen outside in the Minnesota cold.



    Oh, Alyssum. How do I love thee? These tiny little flowers never fail to give me a great showing every summer. I started them from seed, and although they looked very fragile they toughened up a lot once they were put outside. I must say, I was really impressed with myself as they were one of the few seedlings that I didn’t kill.




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  2. End of Summer Review

    September 28, 2007 by Jocelyn

    I would like to give all of you a summary of everything I’ve learned during my last 4 months of gardening adventures. My containers of annuals are gone by now, and since we’ve been seeing 40-50 degree days for the past few weeks, I am finally convinced that the cold season is here.

    In May, I posted when I got a lot of my plants; all of them made it through the entire summer. After 3 months with these plants, here is what I’ve found:

    Most Impressive Plants

    • Vincas are very hardy, and mine withstood a lot of abuse. During my move, they got left in my car for an entire 90 degree day- and they were fine. This summer was my first time growing them, and I was very pleased with the continuous blooming of their simple flowers.
    • Super Elfin Impatiens are gorgeous; mine really filled out, bloomed profusely, and were always a treat to look at. I will definitely be using these every summer! I was not a fan of Impatiens at the start of the summer, but my opinion of them has since completely turned around!
    • Alyssum is an awesome filler plant! Most of the Alyssum I had this summer was what I started from seed (it was one of the few seed started plants of mine that actually survived). I never pinched them back when they were growing; they got quite large and looked fantastic!

    Most Disappointing Plants

    • Wax Begonias are a shade annual, but mine never filled out or looked very healthy. They kept flowering through the summer, but the leaves frequently turned brown. I was so excited for these plants, and they never did very well.
    • Ageratums are supposed to be low maintenance annuals, but only half of mine survived the summer. I really have no idea what happened to them, but some of them were continuously turning brown and crispy. It may have been an issue with the soil mixture having too much manure in that specific container.

    Tips I’ve Learned Over the Summer

    • Do your homework before investing in a new plant. It sucks if you buy a great new plant, and proceed to kill it within 2 weeks.
    • Pay attention to the weather reports. This is especially important in cold climate areas like Minnesota. Springtime freezes are very spotty, and even when you think it has warmed up, there is no guarantee.
    • Be patient. Give your plants time and good care, and you will be rewarded!
    • Don’t be afraid to admit defeat! Learn to know when you need help. I use the UBC Botanical Garden Forum or the GardenWeb Forums when I have questions. These are large online communities, and you will get a fast response!

    Let Me Know!

    This is a short summary of my Minnesota summer gardening experience, and I will be posting pictures of my annuals sometime next week. I’d love to hear any comments or questions from all of you!

    How did your annuals perform this summer? Let me know what worked (or didn’t) for you!

    Until next time, Happy Gardening!

  3. Busy Bugs and Big Roses

    September 23, 2007 by Jocelyn


    The bees have been out and about lately. This little guy was very nice about having his picture taken.



    I also found this grasshopper chilling out on this nice rose.



    I absolutely love these roses, they are gorgeous.



    And some lovely white roses.



    This bee was very busy. I chased him around for a few minutes before I got a decent shot of him.



    All of these roses were huge! I tried to get a good shot next to my hand to show you; this is the best one I could get with my 50mm lens.





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  4. Blog Action Day!

    September 4, 2007 by Jocelyn

    October 15th is the first ever Blog Action Day, and bloggers from around the world (including myself) will be posting about one very important topic- the environment. This is an incredible opportunity to get the word out about this important subject and reach millions of people. The list of environmental issues to write about seems endless, and I would like to know what you’d like to read about! Do you know of any great environmental topics related to gardening? If there’s something you’d really like to hear more about, please let me know!


    I also encourage all of you to take a more proactive approach, and register your blog for participation! You can learn more about Blog Action Day or sign up your blog to participate here.  Thanks for checking in, and happy gardening!

  5. Green Thumb Sunday!

    September 2, 2007 by Jocelyn

    My boyfriend and I took a trip to Enger Tower this past week for some pictures. The tower has a great view of the city, and some impressive shade gardens as well.

    Here’s the view of the lift bridge from the top of the tower.


    And a little bee on a Purple Coneflower.


    This is the most Coleus plants I’ve ever seen in one place at a time!


    Their Impatiens were beautiful! I love the coral colored ones. It was interesting because you could see that the ones who were in shade all day were much thicker than the ones that got some sun during the day. The difference was incredible.





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